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Antijen is run by Aunty - who hosts many lists relating to transitioning for both families and the person in transition. It's a great resource with very nice, understanding people behind it.


Gynecologist - OBGYN

Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN)

Both Transmen and Transwomen need Gynecologists.

For transmen, you need an understanding gynecologist who will be able to help you on your start to becoming the man you always knew you were. Transmen often feel that going to an OBGYN can be degrading and humiliating, but it is a necessary evil until both top and bottom surgery are complete. The groups of doctors listed here will be here for you, and they will have understanding and caring staff that will help comfort you through your office visit.

For post-op transwomen, you need a gynecologist after surgery who will be able to help you with post-op care, the normal yearly exams, as well as understand that you still have a prostate that needs to be checked as well. The doctors listed here understand your special needs and will not undermine you.

For both men and women, these doctors are listed with their specialties so that you can call the office with a sense of knowledge that they have experience with transgender clients, and that they will treat you like any other patient in the office.

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