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Antijen is run by Aunty - who hosts many lists relating to transitioning for both families and the person in transition. It's a great resource with very nice, understanding people behind it.



Gender information comes from all walks of life.  In order to see a whole picture, one must look at both sides.  In an effort to present both sides, we have added a Religious category.  If you believe in the scientific reasons behind Transgenderism, then you will probably not agree with these resources.  They however come up in searches for news on gender related topics, though with their own personal spins in some cases. 

You have been warned.

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Gender-News.com - is the source for news related to gender issues. Written through the lens of a bibilcal perspective, GenderNews.com provides valuable news and commentary to promote the complementarian views of gender roles in the church, home, and s ...


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