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Antijen is run by Aunty - who hosts many lists relating to transitioning for both families and the person in transition. It's a great resource with very nice, understanding people behind it.



This is an easy way to find all of the resources in the directory which are specific to transmen.

The Term 'Transmen' or Transman Means Female to Male Transsexuals.


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Compass - New England FTM Resources


Compass is a New England area female-to-male (FTM) trans support, information, and social group for people assigned female at birth who feel that is not an accurate or complete description of their gender.

FTM Surgery Info - Yahoo Group

A good source of information, pictures and links pertaining to surgery options for Female-to-Male transgendered persons. Includes information including- but not limited to- metaoidioplasty, phalloplasty, hysterectomy, oophectomy, and chest surgeries inc ...

Hudson's FTM Resource Guide - at FtMGuide.org

This Guide is intended to provide information on topics of interest to female-to-male (FTM, F2M) trans men, and their friends and loved ones. Non-trans men have also found the pages on men's grooming and clothing to be helpful. Transsexual, non-transsexua ...

Mike's Transgendered Planet - Yahoo Group


Mike's Transgendered Planet - Yahoo Group Mike’s Transgendered Planet is a transgendered discussion list, we offer assistance, fellowship and information, advice and just plain informative fun to anyone that is FtM (Female to Male), MtF (Male to Female), Intersexed, Transgendered, Transsexual, Ge ...

Phalloplasty - Yahoo Group

Mailing list for posting pics of FTM surgery and penises, past surgeries ok, metaoidioplasties welcome too. Please no pics of genetic males. It is generally agreed that you will be an FTM to join and post, so please be FTM or SO only.


PhoenixRisingFTM.net Personal website for Alexander Pangborn: Transgender speaker, educator, and activist. Offering information regarding the FTM transgender experience. Photos, transgender resources, personal and political writings.

The Transitional Male

The Transitional Male IS A Comprehensive, Educational, Support Based Website DESIGNED for Transmen*, THEIR Significant Others, Family & Friends I ...

Transman Mapping Project

Transman Mapping Project We Are Everywhere! If you identify as a transman to any degree, please add yourself to this map.



NOTE: The actual site seems to be down. For the time being, I am redirecting my links to the wayback machine. The last available update was from 2007, so much of the information has the possibility of being out of date/old. Here you will find links, ...


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